Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moby Dink

Meet Moby Dink the Maltipoo. He keeps me company all day. He doesn't know how to use our spiral staircase so I carry him up and down many times a day as I bounce between my office and my art studio. Since I hardly ever leave the house he never got used to being left alone and has some abandonment issues. I'm saving up for doggie therapy sessions.


abnorma said...

Moby is adogable!! I don't think he needs therapy... perhaps another little doggie? You can get a double stroller for when you finally make it "out there"!

SuZanna Anna said...

I think about it but it would be too hard to carry 2 dogs up and down the crazy spiral stair case all day long. And my cell phone and my ecigs :)

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