About SuZanna Anna

As a girl growing up in NYC SuZanna Anna was most amused by a new paint by numbers set or a fresh block of clay. Although her education took her in another direction you could often find SuZanna sketching away to pass time between classes. Just because she was curious, in the mid 90’s SuZanna bought her first computer and before long she had taught herself web design and computer graphics. Before she could officially launch her first website SuZanna was starting to get hired to do freelance graphic work. What started out as a hobby soon became her full time career.

SuZanna has an eclectic style and is a firm believer in following your heart. She looks at life as an adventure and an exciting path you need to follow. “You just gotta go with it and see where it takes you”. This is how she approaches her artwork and why SuZanna eventually left the computer screen for more tangible art forms like sculpting and painting. She loves to try out different mediums for new inspiration and is often influenced by her environment, which in 2007 became “The Atomic Lodge”, her funky mid century home in rural Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Living so at one with nature is a big change for SuZanna who after spending most of her life as a New Yorker also lived in Las Vegas for 5 years. “Like the people you know, the places you go all become part of who you are.”

When she is not creating art, you will often find SuZanna at a rummage or estate sale finding retro furniture for her funky house or adding to her vintage clothing collection.

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So that was my artist bio which on paper sounds good but the truth is I have been living in Pewaukee since summer of 2007 and I have barely left the house since I got here. When I first met my husband (on AOL) in 1998 we lived in Milwaukee for a couple of years and for a while we sold mid century modern houseware on ebay so we were going to estate and rummage sales daily. It was really fun. I was hoping when we moved back here from Las Vegas we would get into that again but there just is not enough time in the day to get out and do anything fun. He has like 237 jobs (I exaggerate) and I work like 15 hours a day. If there was any spare time at all we would be working on getting our house all groovy and perfect but there is never any time for that. So basically I end up being home for 3-4 weeks at time easy because I feel like I can't afford the time away from my work.

Insert glowing lightbulb over my head here.....

I have been wanting to blog for a while now but really how many times can I tell the world I made a new painting or print without boring people to death so I kept putting it off. Then finally the idea hit me after sharing a video of my grandma with some of my friends. She was adorable and funny and a lot of people said they see me in her. I thought if I can do half as well as she can talking to camera then I just might be on to something. So I am taking a huge plunge here and making a commitment. For the next 52 weeks (starting the week of June 27th) I will be going out once a week and exploring Wisconsin. Hopefully Wisconsin is ready for me.

Visit my old Youtube channel to see the video of my granmda. My video blog will be on SuZeeTV